BHP Billiton Coal President Dean Dalla Valle hailed the mine’s development in a recent groundbreaking ceremony alongside government officials in a Queensland hosting “the world’s premium quality metallurgical coal;” the BMA is a 50:50 union with Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd.

In addition to the $1.4 billion invested to construct the 4.5-million metric ton per year (mtpy) Daunia asset, he noted, BMA has dedicated a total of $7.7 billion toward major Queensland projects since 2010. These include the new Caval Ridge mine and the Hay Point Coal Terminal expansion currently under way, as well as the Broadmeadow mine extension completed in 2013.

BHP Billiton’s combined coal business, headquartered in Brisbane, includes 20 operations worldwide with a workforce of 30,000. BHP Billiton’s global coal business produced 111 million tons of coal and the company is now the world’s top seaborne supplier of metallurgical coal, according to Dalla Valle.