Australian coal production will total 20 million mt, 30 million mt will come from Indonesian mines, 5 million mt from Mongolia and another 5 million mt from China.

Investments in Indonesia and at Hongsa Lignite thermal power plant in Laos were also increased. Excluding capital slated for Australian coal mines, Banpu’s investments from 2011-15 were increased by $650 million. Some 27 million mt are expected to be sold from Indonesia this year, 16.7 million mt from Australia, 3 million mt from China, and 1 million mt from Mongolia.

Revenue is projected to grow by 15% this year to 130 billion baht ($4.2 billion) thanks to higher coal sales and favorable prices as a result of strong demand in Asia. Average sales prices this year are likely to exceed last year’s $97.06/mt, Vongkusolkit said.

Banpu expects Indonesian coal will average $100/mt, with Australian coal averaging $75/mt. In 2011, Banpu reported sales revenue of 112.4 billion baht ($3.7 billion), up by 72% from the previous year. The increase was attributed to higher sales volume and prices from Indonesian and Australian mines.