The deal provides for up to 2 million tons per year (tpy) through 2024, and up to 1.2 million tpy through 2025 at the contract’s end. The fuel will be transported via the recently constructed western wye railroad track, enabling western movements of coal from the mine.

Company representatives cited benefits on several fronts. “We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship,” said Westmoreland CEO Robert P. King. “This contract expands our production going forward, and generates value for both the company and the Crow Tribe.”

Westmoreland Coal Co. is one of the oldest independent coal companies in the U.S. With operations in sub-bituminous coal mining in the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming, and lignite mining operations in Montana, North Dakota and Texas, Westmoreland’s power operations include ownership of the two-unit ROVA coal-fired power plant in North Carolina.