The StrataConnect wireless backbone, a key system component, provides a quick, easy way to create or extend high-speed networks, said company officials. The nodes forming the backbone are also recoverable and ideal for extending existing fiber networks into temporary work areas. The StrataConnect Wireless backbone is capable of handling up to 300 Mbps of data across distances up to 4,000 ft.
Along with voice communications, StrataConnect provides safe underground GPS-like location tracking, wireless gas monitoring and continuous data retrieval beneficial for calculating productivity metrics.

Tracking both individual miners and mobile machinery can be performed on an everyday basis and in post-accident situations with 100% coverage of all working sections. Wireless atmospheric monitoring is accomplished with the Strata/Trolex safe battery powered atmospheric monitoring system (AMS). The Trolex Sentro wireless detector has a battery life to 45 days and a wide range of gas sensor options; collected data is streamed continuously to the surface over StrataConnect.

“StrataConnect takes the proven reliability of Strata CommTrac and the high-bandwidth capabilities of Wi-Fi and combines them into one multipurpose wireless solution; it is a highly flexible system that supports countless peripherals for countless applications,” said Strata Worldwide President Mike Berube.

The company has established a rental program that will eliminate up-front capital expenditures, he added. “Mines will be able to rent StrataConnect at a monthly rate much lower than the maintenance and advancement costs of their current systems,” Berube said.