Bloomberg has asserted that coal “is a dead man walking” after investing millions in natural gas development. “On the Contrary Mayor Bloomberg,” the ad reads, “Coal is the World’s Fastest Growing Major Fuel,” with letters superimposed on the nighttime view of a major metropolitan skyline.

“In addition to replacing oil as the world’s largest energy source as early as this year,” the full-page ad continued, “coal fuels more than 40% of U.S. electricity—that’s a heavy load that all the windmills and solar panels in the U.S. don’t begin to support, given their limited scale and high cost.” Moreover, residents in states like New York spend 77% more on electricity than coal-reliant states, the message continued, citing statistics by the U.S. Energy Information Administration—while key coal emissions have been reduced by 80%.

During a time of intense global energy insecurity, affecting things like economic development and food supplies around the world, coal is an essential source of power, the ad noted; moreover, more than 50% of the world’s 6 billion people lack reliable access to energy while energy poverty itself is responsible for 1.5 million annual deaths.

“Let’s put people first Mayor Bloomberg and bring more light to the reality that the world needs all energy forms,” the advertisement concluded. “On behalf of the billions of people in the world who benefit from coal-fueled electricity, we invite you to learn more about clean coal solutions that fuel growing global energy demands and the world’s fastest-growing economies.”

The World Coal Association is an international organization representing major global coal producers; membership is also open to companies and non-profits with a stake in coal from around the world. Peabody Energy is one of the world’s biggest international coal companies catering to high-growth markets, with customers in 25 nations on six continents.