The index enables viewers to contrast the growing disparity between actual retirements and EPA’s estimated retirements with an animated graphic that is regularly updated with announcements of coal-based plant closures that have been tied wholly or in part to EPA’s rules. The Misery Index includes announced plant closures by state, date and size.

“The growing gap between EPA’s rosy estimate and the capacity that is in fact being retired casts doubt not only on the reliability of the grid but the reliability of EPA’s economic impact assessments,” said NMA’s CEO Hal Quinn. More than 25 gigawatts (GW) of coal generation have already been shuttered, enough to furnish electricity for more than 18 million households. By contrast, EPA’s elevated projection of expected retirements was only 9.5 GW.

NMA distributed a link to the graphic to its members and allies to help dramatize objections to EPA’s rules.