Under the procedures in most MSHA districts, a mine operator and miners’ representative may request a conference regarding a contested citation or order only after MSHA proposes a penalty assessment, and any settlements require approval by the commission. The new procedures are based on the results of a pilot program launched by MSHA Assistant Secretary Joseph A. Main in August 2010 that evaluated the effect of the pre-assessment conference on contested citations. The evaluation incorporated input from industry stakeholders, including mine operators and miners’ representatives.

“This new conferencing process will help reduce the backlog of cases that go before the commission by resolving disputes before litigation ever occurs,” said Main. “We are implementing a process that will provide early resolution of disputes, reduce the number of contested citations and orders, increase accuracy and consistency, and improve communication among mine operators, miners and MSHA.”

Each MSHA district must determine when to implement the procedures based on available resources. Implementation may occur slowly or not at all in some districts, until other backlog reduction strategies take hold and make the caseloads more manageable. During the pilot program, operators frequently opted not to request pre-assessment conferences, but there was a high resolution rate for those that did. “Although no single strategy will reduce the backlog of contested cases before the commission, this is one aspect of a larger plan, taking advantage of reduction opportunities where they can be found and implemented,” said Main.

The key findings in the evaluation of the pilot program can be found at www.msha.gov/PreAssess/PreAssessConf-Eval2011.pdf.