Using Strata’s CommTrac or Connect communication networks, data from the gas sensors is continuously transmitted to a central Graphic User Interface (GUI) at the surface. This provides live monitoring of atmospheric conditions in everyday operations underground. If gas levels rise above pre-set thresholds, alarms are triggered and immediate notification is sent to the surface. To further enhance the knowledge of the mine environment post-accident, the Sentro CO sensor has a detection range of 0 to 500 ppm. This enhanced range provides a high level of accuracy while delivering vital information to mine operators and rescue personnel.

“In recent events, the inability to obtain real-time atmospheric monitoring data from the mine post-accident, caused many difficulties for the operators and rescue teams,” said Tom Michaud, chief technology officer of Strata Worldwide. “With Strata’s battery-powered systems, this is not an issue. The detectors continue to stream the readings post-accident and operators have a much clearer view and understanding of the underground conditions.”