Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Mine Rescue Contest, Dräger products have been used by rescue teams since the first National Mining Contest held in 1911 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pa. As in past years, Dräger will demonstrate its advanced portfolio of products for mine safety and rescue.

“Dräger has a proud history of collaboration with the mining community, dating back more than a century,” said Ralf Drews, president and CEO, Draeger Safety. “We have made it our mission to provide the best possible safety solutions for miners and protection of their property. Working closely with the mine rescue teams, we developed the first closed-circuit breathing apparatus in 1904, opening a new era in mine safety and rescue.”

Draeger Safety was originally established as the first U.S. sales office of Dräger in New York City in 1907, to sell and service breathing apparatus used by miners and firefighters. A few months later, the company moved to Pittsburgh, today’s headquarters for Draeger Safety.

The Mine Rescue Contest puts teams through a simulated disaster drill to locate people trapped inside a mine and bring them out safely. The contest provides an opportunity for team members to practice rescue skills. “When they get the call, responders need to know they can count on their team members—and they can rely on their equipment,” said Drews. “Our long history of continuous product development and innovation has been based on input from our customers in the mining industry.” Dräger will showcase its latest products for mine safety and rescue at the October event.