Successful scale-up of the process is expected to provide dual benefits: additional revenue streams from the sale of CCF and certain other byproducts having potential agricultural applications; and reduce the environmental footprint of CNXC operations by greatly reducing the need for future fine coal refuse impoundments.

“We’re excited to partner with OMNIS on an innovative technology that we believe can help to revolutionize the coal industry,” said Jimmy Brock, CEO of CNXC. “OMNIS’s technology development program has shown promising progress toward enabling alternative uses for coal byproducts.”

“The impurities we are removing from coal are really fossilized mineral matter from plants,” said Charles Gassenheimer, CEO of OMNIS Bailey. “After several years of testing at USDA facilities, this topsoil has been shown to remediate mineral-depleted farmland, leading to both enhanced plant growth and nutritionally superior food. Simply stated, we are creating two marketable products from coal waste that offer significant benefits to society — cleaner energy and better food.”