In the NMA notification letter, Hal Quinn, NMA president and CEO, outlined that “Through efforts like yours, America’s coal community continues to achieve important environmental and nature preservation goals, while providing the nation with the affordable energy needed to power America’s economic well-being.”

The selection recognizes CPE’s efforts in several outreach and community-related actions including:

Education-Outreach Efforts on Mine Reclamation and the Environment

  • Collaboration with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on a shrub establishment reclamation workshop.
  • Interactive mine reclamation education at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry and at multiple education events involving thousands of students.
  • Partnership development of conservation measures and habitat use studies for sage-grouse.
  • Support of Audubon community naturalists in Wyoming.

Education-Outreach Efforts on Mining and Mining-applied Skills

  • Organization and administration of Skills-USA events and projects for non-profit organizations.
  • Partnership development of mine technology degree programs with mine-experienced instructors.

Community Stewardship and Outreach

  • Flood relief efforts in southeast Montana and northeast Wyoming.
  • Development and support of community programs in Billings.
  • Funding support for programs meeting critical community needs such as anti-meth programs, community health and safety programs, youth and family-focused services, among others.

“The communities near Cloud Peak Energy mines and offices are indeed our neighbors and they play a significant role in our success,” said Colin Marshall, president and CEO, Cloud Peak Energy. “We actively work to be good stewards and have programs to help meet critical short and long term needs of those communities. I greatly appreciate the recognition that OSM and NMA have given to our efforts through this award. The selection of Cloud Peak Energy for this award really recognizes the efforts of our employees as we work in our local communities. I would like to express my congratulations and appreciation to all those involved.”

Headquartered in Wyoming, Cloud Peak Energy is one of the largest U.S. coal producers and the only pure-play PRB coal company.