Hese is known in the mining industry for its development of the carrying belt and booster drives (TT-intermediate drive). With the TT-intermediate drive, belt conveyor systems can be operated without interruption across longer distances while the quality of the belt does not need to be changed and the efficiency of the system is increased. Additional belt transfers are no longer required, dust generation is significantly reduced and the extracted grit is protected.

TT-intermediate drives are still among Hese’s most important products in mining materials handling technology, alongside conveyor belt pulleys with various diameters and the Hese-developed retractable guide rail. These are installed in the mine shaft and allow noticeably faster transits of conveyer cages in the floor level. In addition, Hese has also made a name for itself with plant components and complete systems in the field of bulk material conveyer technology. Voith’s Mining & Metals Division develops and produces, among others, coupling technologies as well as drive packages.