Wear indicator pins, which can be seen in the upper-most tooth, warn when it’s time to replace the sprocket.

U.S. Tsubaki’s Smart Tooth sprockets use a patented wear indicator technology to identify and schedule drive system maintenance before critical component failure occurs. Strategic placement of the wear indicator pins on one or more sprocket teeth makes it easier than ever to visually identify that a sprocket is still within allowable wear tolerance, or that it needs to be replaced. Understanding when to replace a sprocket is simple, friction from chain pressure wears down the material of a sprocket tooth and when the wear indicator pin becomes visible, it is time to replace the sprocket.

Wear indicator pins are standard on three sprocket teeth, ensuring they are visible on any application no matter which part of the sprocket is covered. Tsubaki has included the latest laser etching technology in which the Smart Tooth will be etched directly below each indicator pin, providing even more visibility for the end user. Finally, the sprockets are shipped with a special blue coating, making it easy to identify which sprockets have wear indicators.