A North American-based mining operation worked with Immersive Technologies to develop a continuous improvement training program aimed at increasing tire life using simulation-based training. Results were demonstrated over a five-month period using tire hours and tire replacements due to damage as the metrics of interest. The training initiative resulted in a 27% reduction in tire replacements due to damage, as compared to the same time period in the previous year. Globally, Immersive Technologies continuous improvement projects focused on tire life have resulted in increases in tire life ranging from 3.3% to 14%.

Through simulation, operators are trained to identify and correct errors, such as brake misuse, to optimize tire life.

“Our Advanced Equipment Simulators are the only fully supported solution of their kind in the mining industry. Scheduled system upgrades are part of our service agreements,” said Karen Joseph, product portfolio manager at Immersive Technologies. “The development of these upgrades is driven by evolving mining industry needs, using input provided by customers and equipment manufacturers.

The simulation-based training gives equipment operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause unnecessary tire wear. Properly trained operators extend tire life without impacting productivity.

SimControl, the software powering all Immersive Technologies Advanced Equipment Simulators, performs detailed monitoring of operator behaviors that directly impact tire wear including operation around spillage, dry steering, aggressive cornering and speeding.

Immersive Technologies’ simulation-based training solutions provide an assessment tool for managers to determine which tire wear-related operator behaviors are most prevalent in their mining operation and represent the greatest opportunities for cost reduction.