Powered roof supports Komatsu-min

The first set of roof supports (above) were installed during July 2023. (Photo: Komatsu)

Under a cooperative agreement between Komatsu, Becker-Warkop and Hydrotech, 385 new longwall powered roof supports have been delivered to a U.S. longwall coal producer in Alabama. The first face began operation in July and the second face is undergoing installation. While Komatsu has provided powered roof supports to this producer in the past, this is the first solution supplied in collaboration with Becker-Warkop and Hydrotech.

The new Joy-designed supports also include Joy’s Faceboss RS20s roof support controls. The longwalls enter operation at mines which have seam heights of 45 inches and 53 inches respectively, and the 1,700-mm (67-in.) wide supports feature a maximum operating height of 2,946 mm (116 in.) and have 380 mm bore legs.

Other longwall equipment at this mine was supplied by Komatsu including three Joy 7LS1D shearers and three armored face conveyors (AFCs), including the first U.S.-sourced Joy panline.