A new Hydraulink hose puts a Cat 777 haul truck back into production.

An Indonesian coal mining operation in Kalimantan is benefitting from the service availability, spare parts, and cost-efficiencies of partnering with the Hydraulink hose and fittings organization as it seeks to maximize uptime of valuable equipment running 24/7.

Through local Hydraulink distributor PT Intecs Teknikatama Industri (Intecs), the Indonesian mining contractor recently installed new hose fittings on a 100-ton Cat 777D haul truck.
“We knew this coal mining contractor needed all equipment running as efficiently as possible, with minimal downtime, to maximize their production and profitability. Hydraulics are crucial to reliability — just one broken hose can bring machinery grinding to a halt,” Hydraulink Indonesia Country Manager Puji Wicaksono said. “So, we worked with our trusted and reliable local distributor, PT Intecs, and found that we could provide a better service offering for a lower cost than the customer was paying with their pre-
vious supplier.”

Hydraulink operates through more than 400 service points across Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and the Pacific Islands, bringing essential, safety-complaint hydraulic hose and fittings, as well as traceable service expertise to industries requiring prompt, quality 24/7 service either on or off site.

One of the challenges of being a supplier to a 24/7 mining operation is maintaining a reliable stock of spare parts of hydraulic hoses, fittings, adaptors and accessories. Hydraulink and PT Intecs worked with the customer to improve this offering compared to the previous supplier. “We keep stock of relevant hydraulic parts in the distributor branches closest to the mine site, which helps reduce lead times, and means we can service the mine vehicles more efficiently,” Puji said. “Additionally, all of our products are backed by warranty, so the customer has certainty that Hydraulink will stand by the quality of its products and service.”

Hydraulink, which operates under the market signature ‘best under pressure,’ is consistently looking for ways to deliver ongoing benefits that achieve safety, reliability and uptime for its customers. “To further enhance our offering to this mining contractor, we provided tailored stock recommendations based on their actual machine population, and we also ran advanced training sessions with on-site personnel to ensure relevant employees were trained in the latest safety practices,” Puji said.

“Hydraulink also has a complete range of products, so the customer appreciates that they can source all their hydraulic components from a single source.

“We are always working together with this customer to see how we can further improve our efficient stock management. And we’re available to solve any machinery performance issues that arise in the future,” he said.