Motor Comparison Gen4-min

The Aircore EC motors are 50% smaller, use 66% less copper and consume 10% less power than conventional iron-core motors. (Photo: Infinitum)

Infinitum and Matrix Design Group, a subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, announced an agreement to jointly develop and distribute high-efficiency, reliable motors and advanced motor controllers designed specifically for the mining industry. Infinitum created the sustainable air-core motor.

Under the agreement, Matrix will integrate Infinitum’s smaller, lighter motor technology into mining equipment operated by Alliance’s mines to provide performance validation in a production environment for the jointly developed products. In addition to supporting installations at Alliance operations, Matrix plans to offer the products to other mining companies worldwide.

“This collaboration with Infinitum represents a natural progression and extension of our strategic investment in the company,” said Joe Craft, chairman, president, and CEO for Alliance. “We believe their groundbreaking motor technology will bring much needed innovation to the mining industry by delivering more efficient and higher performing production equipment, which will enable companies such as ours to improve mining processes, reduce operating costs, and boost productivity.”

Infinitum’s patented motor technology will replace traditional, heavy iron-core motors with a motor system that is 50% smaller and lighter, uses 66% less copper, and consumes 10% less energy, and is expected to offer mining companies and equipment manufacturers a more efficient, reliable alternative.

“Working with Alliance and Matrix expands Infinitum’s ability to sustainably power heavy machinery with our lightweight, power-dense motors that use less energy, material and waste,” said Ben Schuler, founder and CEO, Infinitum. “We’re excited to join forces with a mining leader like Alliance to make a greater impact towards electrifying and decarbonizing heavy industry.”

Over the past 15 years, Matrix has become a leader in collision avoidance and proximity detection technologies, providing safety and productivity solutions for Alliance and many other mining companies. Infinitum, Alliance, and Matrix have collaborated since 2022, when Alliance made an initial investment in Infinitum as part of the company’s Series D funding.