Before delivery, chains are destruction tested before being embossed with an unique tracking code. On delivery, expert fitting and regular follow-up inspections by Erlau engineers ensure optimum operational chain life. Erlau has recently added a new dimension to its product support with the introduction of its RFID-derived Chain Monitoring System (CMS). Originally developed for military purposes, RFID technology is used in many industries for security tagging, production monitoring and stock management but, until recently, due to the challenging environment, RFID has not been available to mobile materials handling. Erlau has become the first TPC manufacturer to offer free, and as part of its product support, an accurate, on-demand RFID-derived CMS.

Erlau’s CMS records and shares a life-of-TPC maintenance history with a handheld device (CMS-Reader). Each new set of TPCs can include a CMS which records the service history of the TPC, from the date it leaves the factory to the end of its productive life. Starting with manufacturer’s references—batch number, test date and results—the system records installation date, maintenance intervals, unscheduled incidents, operating hours and much more. The handheld reader collects and updates the data from several sets of chains. This data is then available for download and interpretation.

Erlau said it is so confident in its TPCs the company will provide CMS free of charge. Starting with the 22-mm chain range, Erlau is now shipping CMS with every set of chains and offering the CMS-Reader at cost. Erlau’s CMS has been deployed in the U.S., South Africa, Chile, Europe and Australasia.