The Cage Guardian Safety Brake for steel guides better protects both underground mine workers and cage components. The innovative safety brake, which runs on steel guides, uses mechanical systems to prevent the worst-case scenario in the event of slack-rope or a rope break event. According to FLSmidth, it is built to withstand even the toughest underground mine environments and meets the most stringent regulations for safety catches.
The system is strictly mechanical — no hydraulics, pneumatics or electricity — for fail-safe operation, even on wet or contaminated guides. Actuation and operation is performed by redundant mechanical systems, only requiring a slack-rope or rope break event to bring the cage to a safe stop. With average deceleration rates of 0.9 g to 2 g (9 to 20 m/s/s or 29.5 to 65.6 ft/s/s), the Cage Guardian Safety Brake has a lower jerk rate and provides smoother deceleration.
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