With more than 1.5 million operating hours, and complemented with back-to-back detailed scale testing and state of the art engineering, the Hurricane dragline bucket from CQMS continues to check all the boxes for leading global coal mines. On average, the Hurricane can deliver upward of a 5% relative payload increase, with a 9% tighter payload distribution and a 19% average cycle energy saving (over existing “standard” bucket designs). Coupled with this is a proven reduction in maintenance costs and downtime resulting in a major increase in continuous productivity at the property.

CQMS Razer’s Hurricane dragline bucket represents the very latest in bucket design and technology. Available for machines from the M8050/BE1370 size to the larger M8750 machines, the Hurricane is a medium-weight, fast-filling production bucket. With its angled sidewalls and slimline lip design, Hurricane also provides substantial energy savings due to superior filling efficiencies when compared to traditional shaped buckets.

Recently, CQMS Razer and a leading open-cut coal mine used the latest Generation Hurricane Mk3 dragline bucket for more than 32 weeks in a single mining program – a 77% increase in continuous mining production over the previously supplied dragline, according to CQMS. This impressive increase in productivity gains has been achieved through close collaboration between the CQMS Razer technical service team and the key maintenance teams on the property.