Renewable Lubricants introduced Bio-Rock Drill Oils, ultimately biodegradable vegetable oils formulated with Antiwear/EP, rust, and oxidation inhibitors for the protection of rock drills and other pneumatic equipment. Designed to emulsify water for improved lubricity in moist conditions, these unique formulations provide extra adhesiveness and anti-misting. Performance is enhanced by use of the Stabilized HOBS’s natural composition which provides an oily boundary film. The super high viscosity index of the Stabilized HOBS naturally improves the high-temperature shear stability and fluid film strength between metal surfaces. Renewable Lubricants’ Bio-Preferred products provide exceptional protection in equipment subject to extreme heavy shock loads, and excessive moisture or water spray. Given the direct danger of polluting the air, water, and soil due to lubricant loss, bio-based, Bio-Rock Drill™ Oils are safer for the environment than petroleum-based lubricants.