Fox Resources Ltd.-min

Fox Resources, an exploration company with substantial exploration interests in Central Queensland, reiterated that no decision has been made on the location of its potential coking coal mine northwest of Bundaberg. The company said it’s subject to a multi-year regulatory assessment process applied to every other proposed resource project in Queensland.

Under Fox Resources’ Mineral Development License (MDL) 3040 application, the company is seeking to drill five bore holes for exploration purposes.

The company said it completely rejects uninformed speculation by the local press regarding the potential location of the new mine. The company is at the MDL stage of resource appraisal, which is not a mining lease. The process for project assessment has not even started and it could take up to a decade before any decision to go ahead.

“Like any other resource project, Fox Resources’ project will be subject to a full environmental impact statement process through the Queensland and Australian Government regulatory bodies,” said Bruce Garlick, executive director, Fox Resources Ltd. “The process is extensive and covers all aspects of the project including water, noise and dust, and it includes multiple opportunities for community and public comment.

“All Fox Resources is seeking is a fair go – to be treated the same as any other exploration company,” he said. “We are adhering to the government process and expect to be regulated the same way as any other mineral exploration company.”

The EPBC phase takes approximately three to six years to complete, the MDL 3040 phase will take approximately two to three years to complete, and the Mining Lease will take approximately three years to complete.

Accordingly, Fox Resources confirms that no decision has been made on a location for the 120-hectare surface area footprint.

“Unfortunately, there are certain groups and individuals who are deliberately spreading misinformation about the coking coal project,” Garlich said. “Firstly, this group stated that the project was going to be an open pit mine, even though the Department of Resources made it clear that the mine had to be an underground mine, using a room and pillar mining method. Then they raised the misinformation that coking coal dust was going to be a problem at Moore Park. Firstly, Moore Park is approximately 10 km from the tenement, the wind blows easterly and southeasterly, so it is impossible for any coking coal dust if there was any to reach Moore Park.

Fox Resources said it is focused on advancing the project in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Department of Resources -a step-by-step process that ensures proper scrutiny.