The site’s restoration began in 2004, and was completed this past May. Peabody removed all mine structures including concrete silos, access slopes and ventilation shafts. A large part of the project included reclaiming a 400-acre fill and adjacent impoundment while creating highly effective drainage control as a part of the process. Peabody also exceeded state requirements for soil replacement and seeding across much of the restored lands.
“During this complex restoration project, our environmental team created a healthy, sustainable environment for plants and wildlife in Kentucky,” said Eric Ford, Peabody executive vice president and COO. “Peabody has a tradition of being a good neighbor. This includes returning lands to a condition that is equal to or better than before mining occurred and often more productive than native lands.”
Peabody restored more than 3,700 acres companywide, planted more than 250,000 trees and recycled more than 19,000 tons of materials in 2009, while creating $15 billion in direct and implied economic benefits in communities around the world.
The Kentucky DNR and the KCA also jointly honored Peabody’s environmental leadership on the same project and presented the company with the Outstanding Reclamation Award.