Over the course of their grants, Sarver and Krometis grew their initial single subject investigations into transdisciplinary projects, meeting the demand of complex issues with a depth of understanding provided by multilevel multidisciplinary research, Craynon said.

Since 2011, Appalachian Research Initiative for Environmental Science has supported more than 60 academic researchers in energy and the environment and over 75 student researchers at Virginia Tech, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, the University of Kentucky, Ohio State University, Marshall University, St. Francis University, the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and consultants at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown.

The research initiative has sponsored several investigations by Sarver and Krometis, including research reviewing corporate social responsibility in Appalachia and research regarding bacterial and biological impairments in Central Appalachia, sustainability and water quality, and bacterial impairments in surface waters as an obstacle to sustainable water quality solutions.