Navajo Transitional Energy Co. (NTEC) became the first tribally owned coal mining company to operate a coal mine on tribal land after NTEC assumed direct operations at the Navajo mine on October 1. Although NTEC has been the owner of the Navajo mine since 2013, North American Coal Corp. (NACCO) had been the contract mine operator since 2017.

“Our business has grown and developed to a point where it is no longer necessary for NTEC to utilize a contract miner at Navajo mine,” NTEC CEO Clark Moseley said. “We appreciate NACCO’s years of service, but it was always envisioned that NTEC would ultimately take over full operations at the mine.”

Navajo mine employs more than 390 people and more than 85% of them are Native American. NTEC is retaining the current workforce. The combined royalties, taxes and wages of the mine itself contribute more than $80 million directly to the Navajo Nation and its economy each year.

“We fully expect to complete a smooth transition for all the mine employees as we bring them into the NTEC family,” Moseley said. “Because NTEC owns the Navajo Mine, we have always closely managed and overseen performance to ensure safe and successful results. We already have a strong relationship with the employees that will form a strong foundation as we transition to full NTEC operations at Navajo mine.”