Philanthropist, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur, Alan E. Hall, has launched a new company Blue Sky Energy (BSE) Corp. to remediate coal waste, repurpose it as a clean energy source and capture greenhouse gases in the process. The Utah-based company will partner with coal producers to convert coal and coal waste into useable, energy-efficient by-products, which include crude oil, carbon neutral coal CHAR and industrial compressed gasses. These products will be used by numerous industries primarily in multiple non-fuel burning applications.

“Global climate change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed while at the same time providing cleaner energy products for a growing economy. With this in mind, a team of high-level executives with expertise in science, business and the fossil fuel industries has been assembled to tackle this challenge,” said Alan Hall, CEO, BSE Corp. “Using a game-changing energy innovation, we can save the planet and at the same time provide the industry with needed cleaner energy products.”

BSE has obtained an exclusive, global operating license from Renuva Energy, to commercialize its patented technology through innovative manufacturing plants. These processing facilities convert coal and coal fines into reusable energy sources. One plant ingesting 75,000 tons of coal refuse will generate up to 24,750 tons of industrial-grade charcoal, 187,500 barrels of crude oil and high volumes of commercial gasses – butane, methane and propane – annually.

The first BSE manufacturing plant is currently being fabricated for a location in Price, Utah, in partnership with area mining companies. It is expected to be operational in November 2022. Over the next five years, BSE hopes to install 300 plants across the United States and another 1,200 facilities abroad.