Biomarine’s 4-hour closed-circuit, self-contained breathing apparatus, the BioPak 240 Revolution, is now fully approved and capable of complete integration with Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) SENTINEL Mine Rescue Communications System, the company said. Biomarine’s recently released AVIWT interface allows mine rescue team members the ability to fully communicate intra-team as well as with fresh air command centers via IWT’s wireless system — all contained inside the BioPak face mask. The microphone installed inside the face mask offers increased safety and the ability to communicate wirelessly throughout IWT’s communications network, enhancing team safety as well as potentially eliminating miscommunications.

“The improved communications between mine rescue team members and the fresh air base offered by this system reduces chances of errors and improves team safety,” said Ted Beck, North American sales and training manager at Biomarine.

Use of the AVIWT systems eliminates the need to speak through non-standard voice-emitters currently used on many full face masks. The microphone is installed close to the user’s mouth with no barriers between them. This significantly improves communication clarity and provides the best possible sound quality.

The AVIWT system is National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and Mine Safety and Health Administration approved and is the first of its type to gain this type of approval, according to the company.