Product News - July-August 2017


Russian Miners Set New Longwall Records

The Russian Yalevskogo mine, operated by the Siberian Coal Energy Co. (SUEK), recently set a world record for monthly coal production from a single longwall system. The mine produced 1.57 million metric tons (mt) or 1.72 million tons of raw coal during July. The mine, formerly known as Kotinskaya, surpassed its own national record of 1.4 million mt per month (1.54 million tons per month) for May.

Located in the Kemerovo area, the Yalevskogo longwall consists of a Cat face with an Eickhoff SL 900 shearer loader. The conditions are ideal for the 2,500-kilowatt (kW) SL 900, which cuts coal from seams with thicknesses that range from 2.4 meters (m) to 6 m. The combination of highly skilled miners and the powerful yellow SL 900 is a story of constant success, Eickhoff said.

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Impact Cradle

The curved design of the Impact Cradle from Superior Industries eliminates the space between the belt and bed, adding extra protection. Designed to fit into an existing idler mounting footprint, it’s built to receive the blunt force of material flow at transition points in conveying systems, lessening the wear on the conveyor belt. Thick urethane segments absorb shock and dissipate contact energy, reducing conveyor belt wear and tear. Fitted for CEMA C, D and E idlers, the Impact Cradle is available in 20° and 35° trough angles for 5-, 6- or 7-inch diameter roll heights.

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Flared Multirow Cage Mills

The F-Series, or Flared Series, Cage Mill from Stedman features a flared discharge opening, efficiently reducing the wettest and stickiest of materials, either abrasive or nonabrasive, without clogging. A multirow cage design takes material into the center of the inner-cage where it impacts on the cage impact bars and is hurled by centrifugal force into the path of the counter-rotating outer cage bars. This multistage reduction multiplies the impact force and results in higher first-pass yields. The cage mill is capable of producing a variety of product gradations by changing the mill speed. Feed sizes up to 3.5 inches are typical with capacities from 1 ton to 200 tons per hour (tph). A variety of linings are available for the unit.

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Flatbeds for Work Trucks

The new 6000 and 8000 Series Flatbeds by Besler Industries are made with 11 gauge deck plate, 4-in. channel stringers and 3/16- x 3-in. channel cross members to withstand the toughest daily farm and commercial use. Standard equipment includes tie-down rails with stake pockets, LED lighting, a bolt-in fifth wheel assembly with 30,000-lb ball, and a bolt-in bumper with receiver hitch. Also standard are trailer connectors in four pin, six pole and seven blade versions. The flatbeds are factory primed and painted with two component urethane enamels. Lights and trailer plugs are wired with a dependable woven wire harness that is installed in the bed. The 6000 Series Flatbed has optional equipment that includes removable side rails, chrome handle, mud flaps as well as under-the-deck and on-top-of-the-deck tool boxes. A choice of modular fitting, weatherproof tool boxes and sizes are designed to securely hold and organize your tool inventory. The 8000 Series Flatbeds starts with the same construction and standard features as the 6000 Series, but is designed standard with four under-bed tool boxes that are mounted underneath in the skirt. The boxes are modular so they can be taken out when installing the flatbed. There are eight sizes of skirted flatbeds to fit single and dual wheel trucks

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