Mobile Wireless Router

Siemens has expanded its cellular router portfolio by adding the Ruggedcom RM1224 as an entry level device. With its 4G LTE worldwide connectivity and automatic fallback to 3G UMTS or EVDO cellular networks, it is ideally suited for providing data communication to and from remote locations. Thanks to its high bandwidths and performance capabilities, the mobile wireless router can be deployed in a diverse range of applications: from the integration of remote substations and feeder devices to rail wayside applications and mobile Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), as well as remote video surveillance.

The router comes with an integrated four-port switch, which can be used to connect up to four Ethernet devices. In addition, it comes with two antenna connections, making it possible for operators to use multiple receivers and transmit paths (antenna diversity) and thus increase both signal quality and bandwidth. It has one digital IO (input and output) for applications like setting up secured VPN connections upon user button push. Furthermore, the device is equipped with its own redundant power supply for bridging short-term power failures.