XP Sodium Lights

The explosion proof (XP) Magnalight 150-watt, high-pressure-sodium-lamp is useful in penetrating coal dust. Equipped with a trunnion mount and factory sealed cord, the EPL-ACHHPS150W can be permanently mounted so that the beam is positioned where the operator most needs the illumination.


Material Handling Hose

The Slurry-King material handling hose absorbs system vibration and saves wear on equipment; compensates for thermal expansion and contraction; reduces noise; flexible connection for hard piping misalignment; can be cut on site for immediate installation; no welding; available with many inner tube compounds to meet specific material handling needs including ‘Wear Indicator’ style for visual abrasion monitoring; and flanges available.


Dust Control for Haul Roads

According to Cypher Environmental, EarthZyme and Dust Stop products have been very successful in pilot operation at a major coal mine in Colombia. Mining nearly 2 million mtpy of coal with a sterile ratio of 6 to 1, this mine mobilizes approximately 15 million m3/y using Caterpillar 793 and 777 trucks on double truck lanes, normally creating a large amount of hazardous dust. These trucks have traveled on the EarthZyme road for approximately 22 hours a day, with the 793s maintaining a five-minute frequency and the 777s cycling 1.3 times per five minute period. So effective was the product that any dust evident during haulage came from the material in the trucks. Which is where Dust Stop comes in: a coating with this product prevents dispersion of hazardous particulate matter from these loads. The stability of the new surface can dramatically reduce maintenance costs as well as make huge savings in lost man hours.


Mining Software

MineSched 6.1 offers an unprecedented ability to accommodate for the unique planning characteristics found in every mining project and includes customer-driven enhancements such as linking MineSched to external Microsoft Excel workbooks for easy integration to existing planning processes. Combined with new features to allow mine planners to more intuitively manipulate, analyze, and report their scheduling scenarios, MineSched 6.1 helps produce practical schedules for any mine planning situation. MineSched 6.1 benefits include: Integration with other Gemcom systems including Gemcom Surpac, Gemcom GEMS, and Gemcom Minex, creates a complete mine planning solution, through which many manual and routine tasks can be automated; decreased implementation and ongoing support costs due to reduced reliance on vendor setup services compared to other scheduling systems; more powerful scheduling scenario manipulation; fine-tuned underground development scheduling; and enhanced visualization and analysis of scheduling scenarios.


Diesel Exhaust System

AirFlow Catalyst Systems received a letter of approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for their Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). The AirFlow DOC is approved for use with a Daimler Chrysler Model OM 904LA engine on an 8 ton, seven-man personnel carrier. The approval carries to all bituminous underground coal mines in Pennsylvania. The AirFlow DOC features AirFlow’s proprietary low temperature activation to eliminate carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from the diesel exhaust.