Product News - May 2017

 OEMs Will Showcase Equipment at Longwall USA

The two leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for longwall mining equipment, Komatsu Mining Corp. and Cat Global Mining, will display products and services at Longwall USA, which takes place June 13-15 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Komatsu Mining Corp. (formerly known as Joy Global) will be highlighting a variety of underground equipment and solutions at Longwall USA 2017, explained Caley Clinton, global public relations manager. “Those products include items such as replaceable inserts for shearer trapping shoes and cameras for roof supports,” she said. “In addition to longwall mining equipment, we will also be promoting the 14ED25 entry development miner-bolter as well as service products and consumables such as hydraulics hoses, filters and bits.”

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Cat Presents Advanced Automation

Cat Global Mining returns to Longwall USA with digital displays of its complete line of longwall products — roof supports, shearers, plows, face conveyors, stage loaders, drive systems and automation technology to optimize operations. The company will present advanced automation technologies that have played key roles in several Australian longwall mines attaining million-ton months. One mine exceeded 360,000 tons in a week. In addition to increases in productivity, integrating control of all longwall components increased equipment availability and reduced in-panel parts usage.

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Baldor Expands Raptor Line of Couplings

Baldor Electric Co. recently announced the expansion of the Raptor tire coupling product line, designed to deliver up to 5.9 times longer coupling life, to include sizes E100, E120 and E140, with a maximum torque rating of 340,340 in.-lb.

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Non-nuclear Density Meters

The Red Meters (RM) Series is a product lineup of highly accurate non-nuclear density meters. Coated with an abrasion-resistant liner to withstand rough and finely ground slurries, the RM3 is easily installed into the slurry pipeline. A Class 2 industrial laser reads passing materials continuously, which is then interpreted by the system’s custom-developed algorithm and fed into the Human Monitoring Interface (HMI). Density is calculated with an accuracy of 0.25% based on samples taken 50 times per second. The RM3 is far more than just a sensor. The HMI touchscreen output can be set to display different variables in numerical or graph form, including density, pressure, percent solids, totalized mass, and more. The RM3 is designed to accommodate an internal pipe bore of 2 in. to 60 in. in diameter with a maximum pressure of 600 psi. Replacing a nuclear meter with a RM3 increases accuracy readings by 2.5%, leading to immeasurable savings in time and money. 

Open Gear and Rope Lubricant

Bel-Ray’s Molylube Open Gear and Rope Lubricant can be used in general industrial open gears, pins and bushings, chains, wire ropes, cables, drive chains and sliding surfaces. It has been specifically formulated for open gears, girth gears and rack and pinions, which are found in all types of equipment such as draglines, shovels, mills, kilns and stationary and mobile cranes. The Molylube Open Gear and Rope Lubricant, according to Bel-Ray, is a highly tenacious lubricant that ensures adherence to the gear teeth creating excellent resistance to throw-off and slinging.

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Product News - April 2017


Multi-Purpose Truck Chassis Tackles Off-Road Applications

ARDCO recently produced the next generation of its Articulating Multi-Purpose Truck (AMT), featuring a modular back-end platform that offers the flexibility to customize the vehicle to suit extreme off-road jobsites.

The AMT is designed to accept a wide array of standard and customizable attachments. Available configurations include a bare chassis, flatbed, water tank, fuel tank, dump bed, service and lube station, utility bed, personnel carrier, pipe trailer, drill, and custom solutions. End-users can easily change attachments, while rental companies can serve a variety of customer applications with a single machine.

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Product News - March 2017

Hitachi Introduces Multiple Technological Innovations

Last fall, Hitachi showcased several technological advancements at its MINExpo 2016 exhibit. These innovations ranged from autonomous haulage to an advanced AC-drive system to electric-powered hydraulic mining excavators.
“Hitachi built the first hydraulic excavator in Japan exclusively using Japanese technology,” said Craig Lamarque, division manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery-Americas. “Building on this legacy, Hitachi continues to lead the industry with technological innovation.”

Hitachi’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) leverages technologies developed for Hitachi Ltd.’s automotive and railroad solutions as well as Wenco’s fleet management and dispatch system to increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership. The system features automated navigation and route optimization; the ability to negotiate traffic conditions; optimized accelerating, braking and steering control, site awareness and forward collision warning; and the Wenco fleet management system for overall supervisor control.

“As a fully integrated system, our autonomous haulage system is Hitachi to the core,” said Lamarque. “It results in a truck that can determine the most efficient paths without constant communication with traffic control. We’ve also included components that make it possible to convert any Hitachi AC-3 truck bought today to AHS in the future.”

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PRODUCT NEWS - December 2016

South African Coal Operators Purchase Eickhoff Continuous Miners • Conveyor Drive System • Safety Glasses • Solutions for Falling Objects • Joy Announces New Services at MINExpo

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MINExpo 2016: Autonomous Hauler Steals the Show

More than 44,0000 people attended the MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 exposition, which was held in September at the Las Vegas convention center. More than 1,900 exhibitors used more than 840,000 ft2 to showcase the latest mining equipment and technology. Held every four years, the event attracted attendees from more than 130 countries, including the U.S.

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