Conveyor Belt Repair Kit

The new Devcon R-Flex Belt Repair Kit can be used to coat splices on rubber conveyor belts, protecting them from damage and preventing them from catching on wiper systems. The kit contains everything needed to make rapid repairs to damaged heavyweight conveyor belts, allowing their return to service in 90 minutes.
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Mack Offers Driver-focused Interior

The Mack Granite model features an all-new interior developed to help drivers improve productivity. Designed through detailed input from thousands of drivers, the new interior was developed to improve comfort and offer an ergonomic, driver-centric layout.

“The new Granite interior offers the best working environment for vocational drivers,” said Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Mack Trucks. “The Granite manages to handle even the most difficult tasks with ease, and it’s critical that drivers have a surrounding environment that makes it easier for them to do their jobs in comfort.”
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Product News - December 2017

Crawler Tractor Ups Production, Lowers Emissions

Liebherr’s 50-metric-ton (mt) PR 766 crawler tractor was designed for power, low emissions, efficiency, driver comfort, and durability, the company reported. With operating weights of between 46,200 kilograms (kg) and 54,200 kg, the tractor is the successor model to the PR 764. It is powered by a 310-kilowatt (422-horsepower) 8-cylinder V-engine.

The diesel unit in the PR 766 complies with Stage IV/Tier 4 emission standards, Liebherr reported. An optimized combustion process minimizes the particles while they are still inside the engine. The exhaust gas after treatment concept uses selective catalytic reduction. As a result, the new Liebherr diesel engines surpass Stage IV/Tier 4 emission standards without the use of a diesel particulate filter.

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Product News - October/November 2017


Liebherr Completes Field Tests for T236 Hauler

At an international press event recently in Leoben, Austria, Liebherr showcased its T 236 mining truck. This 100-metric-ton (mt) haul truck, which is powered by a diesel-electric drive system, is the first in this class with a four-corner, oil immersed braking system. Since its debut at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, the T 236 has successfully completed its testing phase and has recently started its first field operation trials at the Erzberg iron mine in Austria.

Capitalizing on decades of proven experience in off-highway truck technologies, the T 236 takes advantage of Liebherr’s electric-drive system innovations with the vertically integrated Litronic Plus Generation 2 AC drive system.
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First Aid and Trauma Technology

American Rock Salt, the largest producing salt mine in the U.S., has gone above and beyond compliance to improve safety — by installing the life-saving Mobilize Rescue System throughout its facilities. American Rock Salt’s environmental manager, Joe Bucci Jr., explained that the mine has a safety program that is “both proactive and effective.”
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Dust Suppressants and Ground Control Agents

Quaker Chemical Corp. recently showcased its DUSTGRIP dust suppressants and MINETECH ground control agents.
DUSTGRIP JFP-95 presents as a solid material in a cylindrical shape and can be added to any system through a variety of prefabricated manifolds, the company reported. This eliminates the need for a liquid addition pump, and allows the strength of the suppressant solution to be adjusted quickly, or completely shut off. The solid material allows for a more compacted container size than a liquid dust suppressant, which means less storage area.
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Komatsu Introduces New Dozer

Komatsu recently introduced the D375A-8 crawler dozer, which features an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine that produces more than 20% more horsepower while the dozer is traveling in the reverse direction. The additional horsepower yields faster cycle times and a productivity increase of up to 18%.
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Product News - September 2017

Truck Bodies Engineered for Peak Performance

PHIL’s Predictive Load system provides miners with HiVol Load Profiled truck bodies optimized for maximum payload for site-specific operating conditions. The system considers the materials to be hauled, types and sizes of equipment loading the material, and haul cycles to provide accurate real-world analysis of the loads. This provides an accurate guideline for the body design that, in addition to maximizing payload, also optimizes productivity as well as longevity of the equipment.

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