Komatsu Develops Articulating Boom Track Drills

Komatsu is expanding its P&H product line to include articulating boom track drills. The first machine in the series, the 44XT, is in testing at the company’s Arizona Proving Grounds and will be released later this year, the company reported.

The 44XT is capable of drilling 4-in.- to 8-in.-diameter holes using down-the-hole (DTH) percussive hammers. It is for surface mines and quarries, and is de-signed for pre-split drilling applications. “It starts with a safety-focused ergonomic machine layout that sits on a robust core design,” said Matt Collins, product director, drills, Komatsu Mining Corp. “We matched structural integrity with in-creased horsepower and compressor capacity, translating into higher torque and speeds for optimal drilling performance.”
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Military Grade Jumper Cables

Mississippi Industries for the Blind (MIB) released its heavy-duty military-grade booster cables. Developed by MIB for the U.S. Military since 1984, MIB’s MIL-SPEC booster cables combine 1-gauge stranded copper welding-type cable with solid copper clamps for enhanced electrical conductivity and an efficient jump start. These cables are significantly thicker than standard 6-gauge jumper cables, and each clamp and cable has a 600-amp minimum current rating.
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Tires for Frigid Applications

BKT announced its winter ranges Earth-max SR 22, Snow Trac and Earthmax SR 42 for OTR applications as well as Earth-max SR 33 and Ridemax IT 696 for the industrial sector. The tires feature tread designed in specific patterns for cold season applications, providing traction on muddy or snowy surfaces, the company reported. They offer maximum grip, optimum braking response in any condition, safety, handling, riding comfort, resistance and durability, BKT said. The ranges also offer top performance in normal conditions on dry terrain. BKT’s Earthmax SR 22 (G-2/L-2) is an all-steel radial tire specifically designed for graders and loaders operating in extreme winter conditions on ice or snow. It features excellent traction and stability due to its large, non-directional tread design, which also ensures utmost safety and increased grip on wet surfaces or snow, the company reported. SNOW TRAC for skid steers is an ideal tire for operations on snow or ice due to the special tread design that eliminates the risk of slippage, providing at the same time optimum driving comfort to the operator. The Earthmax SR 42 for haul trains is engineered to provide particular resistance against cuts and wear, and to ensure safety at extremely low temperatures.

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External Backstops

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission launched the BS-F line of external backstops with significant advances in performance based on its innovative design. The company spent many months testing and improving its backstop designs in response to data collected from customer visits, product inspections and in-house tests.
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Horizontal End Suction Pump

The Vertiflo 1400 Horizontal End Suction Pump has a rugged heavy-duty cast iron frame design that incorporates integrally cast support and ribbed mounting feet, which assure a solid, dependable pump installation and operation. One frame fits all pump sizes. The frame has a back pull-out design feature, which allows for easy inspection or service without disturbing the piping to the pump. The pump has external impeller adjustment and the semi-open impeller design accommodates passage of solids or fines. Capacities range up to 3,600 gpm with heads of 275 ft and temperatures of 250°F.

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