Murray Energy Asks for STB Assistance With CSX Service Delays

Murray Energy Corp. (MEC) has requested the assistance of the U.S Surface Transportation Board (STB) to resolve service issues and delays caused by CSX Corp. MEC said the railroad is failing to adequately perform all of its obligations. The private coal company said CSX has caused or contributed to countless delays and cancellations of trains scheduled to originate from MEC’s operations. They blamed CSX CEO Hunter Harris for the problems and said the railroad’s performance has only gotten worse.

“For a number of years, we have repeatedly met with the leadership of CSX at all levels and clearly explained the severe impact of their lack of service on our companies,” said Robert E. Murray, chairman, president and CEO of MEC. “We have further provided them with copies of our planned litigation, as caused by their lack of performance.”

Murray said their pleas have not been addressed by CSX and service has not improved.

“This situation has become absolutely intolerable and must be resolved immediately,” Murray said. “We have filed this matter with STB in an effort to resolve this lack of service, to get CSX to abide by their own charter from our government, and to transport our coal as scheduled. Without action by the STB, CSX will continue to cause immediate and irreparable harm to our customers, our mines and our employees.”

Murray explained that the federal government created CSX’s monopoly on these rail lines and it is now time to reverse this decision and introduce free market competition in the railroad industry. The current system of regional monopolies, including the monopoly of CSX, is not working, he added.