Miners Should Benefit From Trump Win

It happened in Europe earlier this year and now it has happened here in the U.S. A movement that the mainstream media and the political elite had discounted will now change the direction of the country and possibly alter the global economy. Voters, many of whom felt their voices were not being heard, turned out to support Donald J. Trump, a billionaire business man who decided to take on the establishment. As the ballots were tallied, it became clear that a huge turnout in rural areas was offsetting the votes cast in the urban areas. He not only pulled off a political upset that shocked the left, but the Republican also walked away with a majority in both houses of Congress.

A Trump win should bode well for the mining industry. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to “Make the Miners Proud Again” and his election now opens the door for broad regulatory relief. Specifically, he promised to overturn the Stream Protection Rule and the Clean Power Plan, which may be tossed out by the Supreme Court when the current vacancy is filled. He has been quite vocal about his feelings toward climate change and unfair trade practices. Energy independence and jobs were two of the pillars of his campaign platform. If he is able to jump-start the economy and grow jobs, the nature resources sector should benefit.

Not since the 1920s has the Republican party amassed this much political power. The Trump administration and the 115th Congress will have the ability to shape policy and cut the red tape.