Skyline & Sufco Mines Get Utah Earth Day Awards

Arch Coal Inc. officials announced their Canyon Fuel Co.’s Skyline and Sufco mines have each won state recognition through a 2013 Earth Day Award for exhibiting outstanding environmental efforts in Utah. Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining (BDOGM) Chairman James Jensen made the selection and presented the awards April 24. Gene DiClaudio, president of Arch Western Bituminous Group, said it reflected a company “core value.” He added, “We’re honored to be recognized by the state for environmental excellence twice in 2013.”

Skyline’s 250 employees were named for outstanding efforts to mitigate the mine’s ventilation facility in Winter Quarters Canyon. Jensen noted during the ceremony that the mine “went the extra mile” by voluntarily producing a historic Winter Quarters Canyon booklet in the interest of chronicling the rich mining area’s past.

The announcement represents the second consecutive Earth Day award for Skyline. In all, Skyline has been honored with eight Earth Day awards since 2000. Skyline’s environmental performance, officials added, includes a 100% compliance rate over six consecutive years.

The 375 employees of Sufco mine won high honors for “environmental improvement,” according to the BDOGM. Sufco voluntarily developed gravity-fed pipelines to distribute scarce water resources for livestock and wildlife. Sufco has maintained a perfect environmental compliance rate since 2006. Sufco has been honored with five Utah Earth Day awards since 2000.