Mountaineer Resources to Build Overland Conveyor at Enlow Fork

Mountaineer Resources, a Victory of West Virginia Co., was awarded a contract by CONSOL Energy to construct approximately six miles of 72-inch wide overland conveyor at its Enlow Fork mine, located near East Finley, Pa.

The project includes six separate conveyors as well as five transfer stations and one drive station. The work includes value engineering, foundations construction, steel fabrication and erection, and the mechanical and electrical installation. West Virginia Electric, also a Victory of West Virginia Co., has been selected as the electrical sub-contractor. The project will take 20 months to complete and work is scheduled to begin soon.

Mountaineer Resources and West Virginia Electric are also providing the design and construction for the new rail loadout at CONSOL Energy’s Bailey Mine. Safety is an important value for Mountaineer Resources and CONSOL Energy, and the companies will follow strict safety plans on these projects with the goal of zero incidents.