McElroy Grows Longwall Production Safely

One of America’s leading underground coal mines successfully transitions to a two-panel mine

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Armstrong Coal Refurbishes and Deploys Massive Mining Machines

Dragline Mining Returns to Western Kentucky

A generation ago, now maybe two, the rolling hills of western Kentucky reverberated with the rumbles of many great mining machines.

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A Story of Revival: United Coal’s East Gulf Preparation Plant

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when United Coal purchased the assets of White Mountain Mining in late 2005, the attractiveness of the acquired assets didn’t require much debate.

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Roof Bolting Equipment & Technology

Technology provides an evolutionary path to improvement for roof bolting machines

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Cost Control for an Uncertain Economy

Leaving the bigger is better format behind, the Haulage & Loading conference organizes a technical program that will help surface mine operators save money and operate more safely

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Back to the FutureGen?

After years of political wrangling, Democrats may green-light the experimental clean coal power plant

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