Rough Times on the Rivers

The drought has riveted the interest of river shippers, carriers and managers for the last six months or more.

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Jousting with Windmills: PRB Coal Shippers’ Dust Control Battle

In May 2005, two derailments occurred on the PRB Joint Line only a day apart.

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China Ship Congestion—How So Many Capesize Ships Got Locked Out of China’s Ports

There was a great deal of excitement the first week in June when it was reported that more than 30 Panamax and Capesize ships were floating off the coast of China with unsold cargoes.

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China Iron Ore Shipping Affects Coal Shipping Rates

Recent additions to the world’s supply of large bulkers can be expected to have the effect of driving daily charter rates down

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Panama Canal Expansion: The Future Brightens for Export Coal

By David Gambrel

No longer are the dimensions of the Panama Canal acceptable for modern ships and shipping practices. The Panama Canal is being expanded to accommodate much larger vessels. The primary reason for expanding the Panama Canal is to improve container traffic, and to make it cheaper to do so. However, expanding the Canal should also reduce shipping costs for coal shippers, provided Capesize vessels can be loaded at origin and unloaded at destination.

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