Mine Drainage: An Alternative Source of Water for Power Producers

The use of mine pool water can provide significant advantages for new or expanded steam electric power plants that need to turn to non-traditional, alternative sources of water. New water treatment technology can now produce water that meets these strict specifications at significantly less chemical cost and sludge production than conventional treatment approaches.

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Advancements in Longwall Roof Supports

Longwall shearing machines traverse back and forth across coalfaces of up to 1,300 ft (400 m) in length, cutting coal at rates of up to 1 metric ton (mt) per second. What allows these impressive coal production rates, however, are the massive hydraulic roof supports that shoulder the roof until the shearer has completed its pass.

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Prep Plant Capitalizes on Synthetic Screen Media Conversion

More and more coal prep operations are realizing the advantages of polyurethane and rubber screen media versus woven wire and steel punch plate—namely, significantly extended wear life, ease of maintenance, greatly improved safety, reduced noise, as well as increased magnetite recovery, plant yield, and product quality. The Martin County, Kentucky-based Pinnacle Processing plant, which is owned by Booth Energy, is experiencing each of these benefits after installing Polydeck modular synthetic screen media in several key processing circuits.

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