The Cost of Saving Money in Coal Preparation

By T. Anthony Toney and Paolo Bozzato

The goal of the coal preparation professional is to minimize the cost of producing the product while maximizing profitability. However, many times cost saving efforts become misguided. As a result of trying to save money in the preparation plant, the entire operation becomes less profitable than it could be and should be.

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The Economics of Rebuilding Processing Equipment or Buying New

A large drum arrives at the Eriez rebuild center.By Eric Taylor

With the pressures of a challenging economy and the current price tags for new equipment, more and more mining companies are deciding to rebuild rather than buy new. A mining company should consider these guidelines as they determine which way to go, especially as it pertains to magnetic separation, vibratory feeders, metal detection, suspended electromagnets and magnetic drum separators. However, these basic guidelines can also be applied to most lines of equipment.

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World-class Maintenance: An Ambitious Worthwhile Goal

By Paul D. Tomlingson

Numerous worthwhile benefits accrue to the industrial organization that is supported by a maintenance organization performing at the world-class level. That organization will be favored with consistently reliable production equipment. They will be assured of meeting production goals. Their product will exceed marketplace standards. Their customers will see them as a quality organization. Their employees will enjoy job satisfaction, and the plant will realize continuing profitability.

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Hybrid Suppression System Overcomes MCC Room Fire Protection Challenges

Vortex control panels installed in MCC Room 1.By Bob Ballard and Chris Yoder

Following an insurance risk assessment in mid-2012, a preparation plant owned by one of the nation’s largest coal producers sought a fire suppression system for the plant’s motor control center (MCC) and cable spreading rooms. Built in 1978, the West Virginia prep plant is currently fed by two mines and processes a little less than 2 million tons of raw coal per year. The plant’s two MCC rooms and two cable spreading rooms are equipped with a detection-only system that requires human intervention to extinguish a fire, leading the auditor to recommend the installation of a pre-action suppression system to “minimize damage and potential business interruption.”

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Best Practices for Bearing Protection

A simple method now allows VDF-induced electrical bearing damage to be prevented — not just repaired.

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