Pipelines Keep Material on the Move

Victaulic’s joining solutions offer faster, safer and more efficient assembly of piping systems.Mines can’t function without pumps and pipework. Period. At the front end of an operation, dewatering is key to maintaining production, be it from underground or an open pit. By the time run-of-mine coal enters the processing plant, slurries need transporting. Even with gravity-fed plants where the flow sheet runs sequentially downhill, there will be some need for recycling material involving both pipework and pumping. Within the plant, reagents have to be handled, separated flows directed to the appropriate next treatment stage, and at the end of the whole proceedings, tailings deposited and reclaimed water recycled.


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Efficient Handling of Coal Combustion Residues

An aerial view of the Ghent CCR facility shows the scale of the project.By Richard Munson

Kentucky Utilities' Ghent power station recently commissioned a coal combustion residue (CCR) waste conveying system to move gypsum, conditioned fly ash and bottom ash to a new landfill. The project scope included new dewatering and storage plant conveyors to move the CCR from production locations to a pipe conveyor. A 400-mm pipe conveyor transports the CCR waste from the plant to the landfill load-out tower. The tower is used to load trucks that move the CCR waste to the desired location within an expansive landfill.

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What New Issues are Driving Choices in Mine Water Treatment Methods?

Tightening environmental regulations are intended to protect natural resources such as water, and mining companies need to have a clear idea of how regulations will change so that they can continue to operate cost-effectively.By Ivan Cooper

Many coal companies are finding that with each environmental permit expiry, the allowable water effluent limits have become more stringent for the permit’s renewal. This means that companies are paying increasing attention to meeting the tightening requirements for treating water. If they can find reliable solutions for meeting rising regulatory requirements, mining companies are then able to focus on operational issues such as extraction plans and processing efficiencies. So, what’s changing in regard to the need to treat water effluent from coal mining?

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The Cost of Saving Money in Coal Preparation

By T. Anthony Toney and Paolo Bozzato

The goal of the coal preparation professional is to minimize the cost of producing the product while maximizing profitability. However, many times cost saving efforts become misguided. As a result of trying to save money in the preparation plant, the entire operation becomes less profitable than it could be and should be.

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The Economics of Rebuilding Processing Equipment or Buying New

A large drum arrives at the Eriez rebuild center.By Eric Taylor

With the pressures of a challenging economy and the current price tags for new equipment, more and more mining companies are deciding to rebuild rather than buy new. A mining company should consider these guidelines as they determine which way to go, especially as it pertains to magnetic separation, vibratory feeders, metal detection, suspended electromagnets and magnetic drum separators. However, these basic guidelines can also be applied to most lines of equipment.

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