Screening System Targets Specific Needs

By Steve Fiscor, Editor-in-Chief

Vibratory screening machines serve several purposes in the prep plant. On the initial cut, they scalp the rock and other tramp materials from the run-of-mine (RoM) product stream. Screens then divert product to different separation processes based on size. Next, they dewater clean coal and refuse allowing the plant to recycle the water and reclaim the magnetite.

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Moisture-tolerant Rock Dust Could Improve Safety Underground

?Imerys has developed a moisture-tolerant rock dust.For many years, limestone-based rock dust has been the product of choice for North American coal mine explosion abatement. Typically, limestone products are readily available throughout North America and when processed to meet government specifications, adequately prevent the propagation of a coal dust explosion.

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Alpha Coal West Works with Cat to Develop a Better Dipper

The Coal Dipper in action last fall after many hours of work between Alpha Coal West, Wyoming Machinery Co. and Cat.By Donna Schmidt, Field Editor

It’s a mission by every mine: mine coal faster, more efficiently, with less effort. Thanks to a meeting of minds between Alpha Coal West, Wyoming Machinery Co. and Caterpillar Global Mining, one of the nation’s largest coal complexes found that mix in the development of the Performance Series Dipper.

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Peabody Miner Invents a New Method to Rescue Distressed Operators

The JB1 Extrication Slide mounted on a machine at Bear Run.By Donna Schmidt, Field Editor

The height of most surface equipment leaves a big stumbling block when an operator needs help during a medical emergency. An Illinois Basin miner has brought years of design ideas and work in his garage workshop to fruition with a new device that will help change the future of surface mine rescue.

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Reducing Arc Flash Hazards in Coal Mines

The arc flash photo sensor is visible at right.The risk of arc flash is real, but there are affordable and easily installed devices that can provide the needed protection

By Jeff Glenney, P.Eng.

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