People Who Live in the Dark

Greens preach temperance from the proverbial bar stool.

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Will Changes Lead to Change?

One day in early March official Washington shut down entirely. And not because the $85 billion sequester that threatens air traffic controllers and the White House Easter egg hunt sent federal workers home without pay. No, instead Washing-ton shut down because it was cold and rainy. Anticipating a terrible storm that was supposed to paralyze the city, the government was closed for business. The storm turned out to be a bust, the streets were clear. But federal offices were empty and the malls were full.

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Opening the Spigot

Before guests visit your place, you typically clean it up. It’s a courtesy of course. But, truth be told, you don’t want them to see how you really live. I even clean up before my cleaning lady arrives.

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It’s a Coal Age

Despite appearances, I wasn’t around 100 years ago when Coal Age first broke into print. Still it’s amazing to think that any publication these days can hang around and even prosper that long by covering a single industry.

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Blaming the Victim

By Luke Popovich

“Fast and furious” is a name already owned by the Justice Department but it could equally apply to the barrage of slings and arrows launched at the coal industry this summer. In a damaging fusillade that was not entirely unexpected, the administration, the Senate, and finally a federal appeals court, all made coal’s climb out of its doldrums a little steeper.

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