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FirstEnergy Reaches Agreement With Creditors

FirstEnergy Corp. announced it has reached an agreement in principle with two groups of key creditors in the Chapter 11 proceedings of FirstEnergy Solutions (FES), its related entities and FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co....

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Hallador Boosts Full-year Coal Sales Forecast

Hallador Energy Co. has boosted its steam coal sales forecast for 2018 after a fine first quarter and is banking on its newly completed Princeton Loop in Gibson County, Indiana, to secure additional business in the coming...

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Corsa Looks to Grow Met Coal Production

Corsa Coal Corp., now a pure-play metallurgical coal producer after shedding its steam coal assets in March, is focused on volume growth as it explores potential acquisitions to expand the Canonsburg, Pennsylvania-based company....

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American Resources Acquires More Mines, Equipment

Through its Quest Energy and McCoy Elkhorn Coal subsidiaries, American Resources Corp. recently announced it has purchased coal mining assets in Phelps and Floyd counties in Kentucky. The company has also secured additional...

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Bailey Mine Posts Record Quarterly Production

In its latest earnings statement, CONSOL Energy reported a net income of $71 million and cash flow from operations of $115.7 million. The company also reduced its debt by $26 million. The company said its capital spending plan...

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Foresight Sees Higher Production in Q1 2018

Illinois Basin (ILB) steam coal producer Foresight Energy mined more coal and its coal sales revenue was higher in the first quarter of 2018 than a year ago, even though it decided to permanently close its ill-fated Deer Run...

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Top 10 Coal Producing States

Week Ending 4/28/2018
(in Thousand Short Tons)
  YTD '18 YTD '17 % Change
Wyoming 100,129 101,749 -1.6
West Virgina 30,640 30,580 0.2
Illinois 16,115 16,490 -2.3
Pennsylvania 16,060 16,340 -1.7
Kentucky 13,858 14,810 -6.4
Montana 10,305 9,553 7.9
Texas 10,119 11,227 -9.9
Indiana 10,101 10,645 -5.1
North Dakota 8,652 9,184 -5.8
Colorado 5,607 5,079 10.4
U.S. Total 246,586 252,448 -2.3

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